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Jagannath University
Jagannath University is a government-financed public university located in Sadarghat, Dhaka the capital of Bangladesh.


Jagannath University is situated in the southern part of the Dhaka city near the river Buriganga. This educational establishment has a history of about 150 years that started imparting knowledge in 1858 when Dhaka Brahma School was founded in 1858 by Dinanath Sen, Prabhaticharan Roy, Anathbandhu Mallik and Brajasundar Kaitra. The name Jagannath school was given by Kishorilal Chowdhury, the Zamindar of Baliati in Tangail, who took over the school in 1872 and renamed it after his father's name. In 1884, it was raised to a second grade college. Law was one of the first courses introduced in this college. A common management committee administered the school and college until 1887, when the school section was separated to form an independent school named Kishore Jubilee School. It is now known as K L Jubilee School. The administration of the college was transferred to a board of trustees in 1907. In the following year, it became a first grade college.
The college started with only 48 students and in five years, the roll raised to 396. In 1910, Raja Manmath Roy Chowdhury, the zamindar of Santosh, tangail affiliated the Pramath-Manmath College of Tangail with Jagannath College.It was known as the best equipped private college in Dhaka as early as 1910. With the establishment of Dhaka University in 1921 the college had to stop admission in Degree courses and was renamed Jagannath Intermediate College. This status was changed after 28 years in 1949, when it reopened Degree classes. The college was taken over by the government in 1968.

Jagannath College opened honours and masters programmes in 1975. That year the government once again took over the college and upgraded it into a postgraduate college. In 1982, the college closed its programmes of intermediate level.The college introduced evening shifts in 1992.The college was transformed into the Jagannath University in 2005 by passing a bill named 'Jagannath University Act-2005" in the national parliament. At present, the University has 28 departments under 4 faculties. The faculties are Science, Arts, Business Studies and Social Science. Now 359 teachers are engaged in providing quality education of around 25000 students on diverse areas.

The teachers and students of the college took active part in the Language Movement of the early 1950s, the mass movements of the 1960s and the War of Liberation of the country in 1971. The college produced tens of thousands graduates. Many of them have become famous at home and abroad. Noted among the alumni of the college are Sufi Motahar Hosen (poet), Abdul Hamid[disambiguation needed] (sports organiser and sports journalist), Bhabatosh Dutta (economist), Premendra Mitra (writer and poet), AR Yusuf (Bar-at-Law, State Minister of Bangladesh in early 1980s), A KMA Rouf (artist), Anisuzzaman (educationist, researcher), and Brojen Das (swimmer, the first Indian to swim across English Channel).

The leadership of University is striving to make this institution as a center of excellence for creating productive and responsible citizens of Bangladesh. §==Administration== Professor Dr. Mesbahuddin Ahmed is the current Vice Chancellor of the university whilst Prof. Dr. Sawkat Jahangir and Engr. Md. Ohiduzzaman are performing as Treasurer and Registrar of the university respectively.


Now the University has 28 departments under 4 faculties. Every department of this university follows semester system. At present 359 teachers are engaged in providing quality education of around 25000 students in diverse field.


There are four faculties in this university. These are:

Faculty of Arts

This faculty has seven departments. The departments of this faculty are

• Department of Bangla [Dr. Chanchal Kumar Bosh , Chairman]
• Department of English [Professor Dr. M. Shahinoor Rahman, Chairman]
• Department of History[Prof. Dr. Shamsur Nahar, Chairman]
• Department of Philosophy
• Department of Islamic History & Culture
• Department of Islamic Studies
• Department of Law

Faculty of Social Science

There are seven departments in this faculty:

• Department of Economics [Dr. Md. Azam Khan, Chairman]
• Department of Political Science
• Department of Sociology
• Department of Social Work
• Department of Mass Communication & Journalism [Junaid Ahmed Halim, Associate Professor & Chairman]
• Department of Social Welfare
• Department of Anthropology [Shanzida Farhana, Associate Professor & Chairman]

Faculty of Science

This faculty has eleven departments. The departments of this faculty are

• Department of Mathematics [Dr. Payer Ahmed , Chairman]
• Department of Chemistry [Dr. Md. Shahjahan,(Chairman),Dr. Syad Alom, Dr.AKM Lutfur Rahman,D. Samsunnahar ]
• Department of Physics [Prof.Dr. Md. Kamrul Alam]
• Department of Statistics [Prof. Md. Ashraf-Ul-Alam, Professor & Chairman]
• Department of Botany [Prof. Dr. Hasna Hena Begum , Dean, Science Faculty & Chairman]
• Department of Zoology [DR. MD. 8AIFUL ISLAM, Associate Professor and Chairman]
• Department of Geography & Environment [Md.Moniruzzaman, Assistant Professor & Chairman]
• Department of Psychology [Dr. Kazi Saifuddin, Chairman]
• Department of Pharmacy [Dr. A. Z. M. Ruhul Momen, Professor and Chairman]
• Department of Microbiology and Biotechnology[Dr. Zakaria Mia (Chairman), Dr. Laisa Ahmed Lisa (Associate Profesor)]
• Department of Computer Science and Engineering [Uzzal Kumar Acharjee (Chairman), Md. Abu Layek (Lecturer), Md. Arafat Hossain Khan]

Faculty of Business Studies

The faculty of business was introduced in the 2005-2006 academic session and started functioning with two departments- accounting and management which were renamed as Department of accounting and information system and management studies in the year 2010. Two other departments, namely Finance and marketing were set up with a view to prepare students with specialized knowledge for positions in government, business and academia. Since the inception the faculty of business upholding its unwavering commitment to first rate teaching quality and teaching staffs. The faculty offers graduate, and post graduate programs with a clear philosophy to develop in students the required knowledge and understanding of theoretical concepts and practical techniques for professional. Prof. Md. Mosharraf Hossain Ph. D Dean, Faculty of Business Studies

This faculty has four departments. The departments are in the following:

• Department of Marketing [Prof. Md. Zakir Hossain, Chairman]
• Department of Finance [Prof. Dr. Abu Misir, Chairman]
• Department of Management Studies[Prof. Dr. Md. Monuruzzaman, Chairman]
• Department of Accounting Information Systems [Dr. Ali Noor, Chairman]

===Department of Computer Science and Engineering===

Overview of CSE

The saying "Knowledge is Power" possibly has been replaced by "Information is power" , because the prerequisite of gaining knowledge is collecting Information. To manage Information comfortably and easily various technologies have emerged and Computer Tecnology is the latest and most powerful technology of them.

The ever-increasing needs and applications of computers in almost every walk of life need not be overemphasized. The situation in developing countries as compared to the developed ones is no different. Computers now-a-days are being widely used in all fields conceivable. To keep pace with this advancement in Computer Science and Engineering, it is essential that efforts are made to develop human resources in this particular field.

The prime objective of establishing the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Jagannath University is to make a concerted effort towards achieving the goal of providing quality education. Our undergraduate programs are aimed to educate students for the diverse futures they will face. Our graduate programs are research based. Key strengths include computer vision, artificial intelligence, computer networks, theoretical computer science, database systems, human computer interaction, and software engineering.

Opportunities to purse academic programs in Computer Science and Engineering are not rather limited in Bangladesh .The Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Jagannath University, Dhaka has been established in 2009-2010 session. The inaugural class of this department was held on On 15th February,2010. From the very initial days of its establishment, it has been able to attract the very best students of the country. Students securing topmost merit positions in the admission test of Jagannath University get opportunity for studies in this department.

Courses leading to the Degree of Bachelor of Science(Honors) in Computer Science & Engineering is extended over four academic years and is divided into 8(Eight) semesters conforming to the University Rules and Regulations. The course of study is an integrated one carrying a total of 160 Credits (Marks- 4950).

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