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Eternal University
Eternal University is the second private university of Himachal Pradesh established by an Act of the state legislature of Himachal. It functions on a "no profit-no loss" basis. It is located in the 450-acre (1.8 km2) campus popularly known as Baru Sahib- The valley of divine peace.

The university offers undergraduate (University Grants Commission) certified undergraduate and postgraduate courses ranging from Engineering and Medical to Management and Public Health.


The university is a full-fledged UGC Recognised University and not a Deemed University, established under the 'Himachal Pradesh Private Universities (Establishment and Regulation) Act 2006 passed by the State Legislature of Himachal Pradesh' and Himachal Pradesh Government Notification No EDN-A-GHA (8)6/2006(Loose) dated 29 April 2008). under section 2 (f) and 12B of The UGC Act 1956. Eternal University is one of the 65 Private Universities duly mentioned in the List of Private State Universities established by the Acts of State Legislatures and eligible to award degrees under section 22 of the UGC Act, 1956.


Eternal University is situated 110 km from Shimla (capital of Himachal Pradesh) in the Himalayas at Baru Sahib- The valley of divine peace. Eternal University exists in a 450-acre (1.8 km2) campus containing a university, a number of professional colleges, an international Akal Academy, a multi-specialty charitable Hospital, a Gurudwara, a post office, a bank, and a fuel station.


• Chancellor - Baba Iqbal Singh Ji
• Vice Chancellor - Dr. Manmohan Singh Atwal
• Director, Research & Development - Dr. K. S. Saini
• Dean, Faculty of Education - Dr. Devinder Singh
• Dean, Faculty of Engineering - Wng Cmd (Retd.) Mr. Manoj Kumar
• Dean, Faculty of Post Graduate Studies - Dr. I. S. Hudiara
• Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences - Dr. Neelam Kaur
• Dean, Faculty of Economics - Dr. A. S. Oberoi
• Dean, Faculty of Divine Music - Dr. Purvi Luniyal
• Dean, Faculty of Management Studies- Dr. Ramandeep Singh
• Dean, Faculty of Library & Information Systems- Dr. Ajit Singh
• Training & Placement Officer - Dr. Y. Kaushik
• Dean Student Welfare - Mr. V. K. Khanna

Schools and colleges

Eternal University has the following colleges and schools affiliated to its name:

• Akal College of Arts and Sciences
• Akal Institute of Applied Sciences
• Akal School of Biotechnology
• Akal School Of Business Administration
• Akal School of Chemistry
• Akal College Of Divine Music & Spiritualism
• Akal School Of Economics
• Akal College of Engineering & Technology
• Akal Institute of Renewable Energy Research
• Akal College of Nursing
• Akal School of Nutrition & Food Technology
• Akal School of Physics
• Akal School of Post-graduate Studies
• Akal School of Public Health

Courses offered

Colleges under the aegis of Eternal University offer the following courses:

• Akal college of Engineering and Technology offers B. Tech. and M. Tech. courses in Electronics and Communication engineering and in Computer Science and Engineering.
• Akal College of Nursing and Health Sciences trains nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, clinical laboratory technologists, and healthcare professionals. The Bachelor Degree courses in Nursing is the first one in the state of Himachal Pradesh.
• Akal School of Economics offers an Honours course in Economics.
• Akal College of Divine Music and Spiritualism offers a 1+3 years programme leading to Bachelor of Arts (Honours). The courses are designed to integrate academic learning and professional skills development in music with traditional Guru – Shishya – Parampara (the system with which Indian traditional music thrived and nurtured for centuries). The students who do these courses will be able to get good jobs in teaching or in other professional areas in the field of music.
• Akal School of Post Graduate Studies provides scientific and technical education.
• Akal College of Arts and Humanities offers 3 years graduate courses. It provides a broad-based general education in Arts and Humanities to the rural population of the State.
• Akal College of Naturopathy and Alternative Medicine will combine ancient principles of healing from Ayurvedic, Chinese, Homeopathic, and Unani Medicine systems with the modern techniques and knowledge of Allopathy. It will produce Naturopathic Doctors, who will treat the cause of diseases rather than the symptoms. A program will be created where MBBS/MD (Allopathic Doctors) will be trained to practice Naturopathic Medicine.
• Akal College of Public Health will educate healthcare professionals, who will help prevent diseases, predict and stop epidemics, and bring about the general awareness about good health and wellness among the people.
• Akal College of Business & Administration will produce Business Managers. Academic programs are being developed focusing on real estate development, tourism and hospitality industries.
Clubs, societies and committees

Clubs and societies

• The English Literary Society participates in literary activities. It helps the students to improve their communication skills, and encourages them to speak in English.
• The Technocrats Club takes part in technical and management events.
• The Cultural Club organizes cultural events like singing, skits and plays.
• The Sports Club organizes sports events like cricket, football, basketball, chess, TT, badminton, and weight lifting.
• Akal Renewable Energy Club works in collaboration with the Ministry of NRE and Research, government of India. The club promotes the use of renewable energy.

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