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Admission Guidance

We well understand the anxiety of a student; hence provide him/her with personalized guidance, support and counseling, so that they realize their dream of studying in topmost colleges of India and abroad to fulfill their unambiguous career aspirations. We guide them at every step of the University placement process, starting from the application procedures to direct admissions in management and NRI quota seats and accommodation needs. Our sole aim is to escort the student smoothly towards its targeted college/university in India and abroad.

  We offer a wide range of services to our students such as:

 Admission Guidance and Counseling

 College selection: Admission Solution has a fleet of experts, which help you to select the most at college/ university in accordance with your profile, expedient location and budget.

 Course selection: We solve your predicaments related to selection of the course for higher studies.

 Admission Formalities: Choosing the right kind of course from the multitude options is indeed a trying task. We provide our enrolled students with the tools, which help them to identify and narrow down their choices of interest. Our expert counselors guide the students to wisely select the course/ program, college or university and then it is our responsibility to take the student through the entire process of admission. It is our responsibility to assist the student in preparing all the necessary documentation and finally fulfill their dreams of their desired college or university.

 Concluding word: This list is by no means all-inclusive. We have helped our clients through many other college-related issues. Every single day our experts handle innumerable 5 to 15 minute phone calls from clients who have questions on a variety of college admissions, majors, social life, and other college-related topics. So if you have some admission issues before you, give us a chance to provide you with a solution either on behalf of a client or through our own experiences as former college admissions officers.

 Distinguished features of our consulting services include: Experienced advice on the CAT/MAT/UPTU/AIEEE/COMED-K/IIT-JEE/P Up-to-date evaluation of the majors offered at different colleges and universities

 Detailed information on extracurricular activities and part-time jobs

 Innumerable tips on how to succeed in college

 Proper guidance on obtaining good letters of reference

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