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Career After 10+2

Many students are still confused about the courses they are going to choose and the colleges they are going to enter. While some of the students are hunting for the alternatives to college education. Yes, it is not necessary for a student to enter into a college after he completes his higher education in the schools. I have tried to list some of the career options after class 10+2. Hope the students shall find it useful.These options are left open for the students who want to join a college as well as for those who do not want to enter in the college.

Conventional courses

It does not matter how fast the time changes. There are some things that shall always remain as they are. The demand for such students shall always exist in the economy, hence a student can very well opt for these conventional courses. The conventional courses include LLB in the field of law, CA, CS, ICWAI, Actuary etc. in the field of commerce and economics, BBA, BCA (Bachelor of computer application), Engineering etc. I am not going into the details of these courses but these courses can be pursued along with your college education so as to save your time in the future years to come. These courses can also be pursued after college. But, it is better to complete them during your college life as the syllabus for them and the college are almost the same. Hence, there is no extra burden on the student.

Innovative courses

These innovative courses give a sense of excitement to the students and are not so boring as conventional courses. They give a break form the long term courses as most of them can be completed within a short span of time. E-tutoring, Pet grooming, Content writing (You must have heard that our webmasters have vacancies for the content writers in the Bangalore office, food critic, wedding planners (See the glimpse of the job in the movie "Band Baja Barat).

Off-beat courses

If you do not want to be a doctor, engineer etc. under the influence of your peers, parents, relatives, teachers and others, you can take the help of your talents and passions to get name, fame and money. Have you ever thought of job satisfaction through your own passion? Bachelor of rural studies, bachelor of textile design, Bachelor of hospitality science, bachelor of yogic science etc are some of the areas where you can enter. These courses are quite interesting. For example,the work of bachelor of hospitality science includes hotel and lodging management, food and beverage management, human resource development etc. Currently, there is a wide scope in these fields. Many new courses are coming in limelight and is attracting the students from all over the country. Bachelor of electronic commerce, bachelor of tourism and travel, bachelor of elementary education etc. are some of the new courses under this heading.

Technical courses

Many of these colleges has the minimum criteria of good marks in your 10+2 class. Hence, there is no need of going for the college education. You can straight away learn these trades and earn a handsome salary. Some of the fields are linguistics, animation and cartoon courses, aviation job profiles, disc jockey or radio jockey, films and TV (perhaps, this is the most acclaimed of all the fields), interior designing etc.You can pursue diploma courses in all these fields after passing class 12.

Make your hobbies your career

Web surfer becomes media marketing guru. You can know more about these through online education sites. Just through conducting surveys for the companies and surfing the internet for knowing the latest trends in the market, you can earn more than a CA student! Painting, dancing, acting, photography, singing etc. have a lot of scope today. Decide for yourself if you are excellent in all these fields. No need to crack your head on the books and spend your time uselessly just to please your parents.

Vocational training

If a student wants to give up his studies and go for a job, he can opt for those institutions that offer vocational course in technical management and other works to obtain a license and work enthusiastically. These courses do not have any specific high requirements and your previous years marks and records does not matter much. What matter most is the urge towards the work and the innovative mind.

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