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Call Center Training
India is a preferred destination for offshore outsourcing of call center services. The country has a large pool of English-speaking graduates who form an educated, computer-savvy workforce that can be tapped by global firms. India’s advantages in the call center arena have been proven: 40-60% cost savings, high standards of quality and state-of-the-art technology, helping global firms achieve competitiveness and return on investment. NASSCOM, India’s apex body for the software and services sector, predicts a US $142 billion call center industry in India by 2008. Call center outsourcing to India is here to stay and O2I is an active part of this movement that has changed the way global companies do business.

To meet and exceed desired standards of operation, O2I follows a rigorous 3 step call center recruitment process and conducts an intensive training for candidates selected as call center agents. This is done in order to equip them with skills required to deal effectively with high frequency transactional intensity, scalability and continuous process improvement. All agents at O2I undergo technical and customer support training processes, which empowers them to process customer requirements and provide solutions. The O2I customer service training programs include comprehensive skill enhancing programs, on-the-job training, refresher courses and testing, among others.

Our customer service call center training process is structured into 3 levels starting with a broad industry focus to a more specific company focus and finally, narrowing down to a sharp process focus, with a specific orientation to the needs of clients in the USA and UK.

The 3 levels of O2I’s customer service call center training process are:

Level 1

• Introduction to Telemarketing and Customer Service
• Generic Industry Knowledge
• Culture Sensitization

Level 2

• Orientation
• Accent Training
• Grammar and Conversational English
• Listening Skills

Level 3

• Product Knowledge
• Process / Sales Training
• Reinforcement of techniques through mock calls and role-playing
• Certification of training

Customization of call center training needs

At O2I, our goal-directed call center training is developed only after close interaction with the client. We analyze the client’s training needs, key performance indicators and SLAs agreed upon, and conceive training modules that are tailor-made to suit customer requirements. Transparency in the call center training process allows clients to participate in the training and certification procedure and to provide relevant feedback.

O2I’s Performance Enhancement Program (PEP) uniquely focuses on improving levels of service by promoting continuous learning on the job

Our PEP focuses on:

• Monitoring of associates by the Training Department for a period of 4 weeks from completion of training
• Tracking associates' learning curve and metrics
• Devising individual action plans based on areas/opportunities for improvement
• Need-based training (specific requests for training from Operations or Quality)
• Training updates on modified processes and new products
• Reinforcement through refresher courses from time to time
• Soft Skills Enhancement programs

Sales Training: Special sales training modules focus on

• Effective call handling
• Telesales
• Lead generation
• Presentation and negotiation skills
• Complaint handling
• Closing the sale

O2I’s sales training programs ensure that our call center agents have an edge in highly competitive selling environments and directly impact targets and revenue generation of client organizations.

Supervisor Training

Supervisors play a key role in maximizing the team's performance. Specialized training is provided to agent supervisors in areas such as goal-setting, team-building, leadership, conflict management, providing feedback, motivation, managing customer complaints, stress management, coaching and counseling, and sales management. At O2I, supervisor training programs focus on culture sensitization, and provide tools and techniques to recognize positive contributions of employees towards achieving goals of the organization.

Transition Process

Our objectives during the transition process are to ensure that the agents meet target SLAs by the end of 3 weeks.

Week 1: Agents take live calls for 50% of the day, while 50% of the time is spent in training / feedback. Escalations are handled by the Team Coach and agents learn by observation.

Week 2: The agents are prepared to take live calls for 75% of the day. 25% of the time is spent in training and feedback. Escalations are handled by the Team Coach.

Week 3: Agents continue to take live calls for 75% of the day, with training/feedback for 25% of the day. Escalations are handled by the Team Coach.

High standards of productivity and quality

O2I’s distinctive approach has given us an edge over our customers and helped us reach new levels of performance.

• Performance above current industry benchmarks
• Shortening the floor readiness for new agents to 4 weeks
• Employee satisfaction (ESAT) rating of over 4.0.
• Improved customer service ratings, low employee turnover and reduced hiring costs
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